Artisan Malt Vinegar – a Quality Condiment!

Those of Refined Tastes choose Quality Condiments! MULTI-AWARD-WINNING Artisan Malt Vinegar is brewed by Craftsmen from Superior Barley, OAK MATURED, for the FINEST Flavour!​

We are fond of a balsamic vinegar from sunny Italy, or a sherry vinegar from torrid Spain, or a wine vinegar from sophisticated France. But what of Britain’s native product?

Everyone is familiar with malt vinegar – cheap-and-cheerful stuff which you sprinkle on your chips, but not much use for anything else. Oh, you will hear the TV-chefs say; “You mustn’t use malt vinegar in your cooking!! It’s far too strong, too coarse, it tastes of nothing but ACID!”​

At the Artisan Malt Vinegar Company we make what is (to the best of our knowledge information and belief) the best malt vinegar in the world. If you seek to produce fantastic fish-and-chips or champion chutney, if you are looking for the finest flavour, then taste our fine Artisan Malt Vinegar. Drizzle a little into a salad dressing. Splash it onto your beautifully-battered fish and your perfectly-fried chips, and TASTE THE DIFFERENCE!​

Artisan Malt Vinegar doesn’t taste of thin, sharp acid. It tastes …. of malt! The acid of the vinegar is balanced with the rich malty flavours you might expect to find in a fine cask ale, or a steaming mug of Horlicks, or in a Malteser. But it doesn’t just taste of malt – connoisseurs will be able to sniff out notes of caramel, or dark chocolate and of oak. Some even say they catch a whiff of days gone by.

And so, Artisan Malt Vinegar is as much at home in the kitchens of Michelin-starred chefs, or on the crisp linen tablecloths of the finest hotels and restaurants, as it is in the humblest fish-and-chip takeaway.


Artisan Malt Vinegar is, we think, the only malt vinegar ever to win a Great Taste Award, carrying off Gold in 2017 and 2013.​

Artisan Malt Vinegar has won Taste of the West Gold Awards in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and now again in 2019.​

We were also a national finalist in the Delicious Magazine Produce Awards 2018.

And now, in conjunction with Burts Chips, their new improved Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar crisps made with Artisan Malt Vinegar has scooped Gold at Taste of the West in 2017 and 2019!


In 2008, while out making deliveries of bottles of beer from their brewery Lizard Ales, a question occurred to Mark and Leonora Nattrass – how do you make malt vinegar? With a background in craft brewing, they knew a fair bit about malt – but knew nothing at all about malt vinegar.

They got home. They got out of the van. They looked on the internet to see what they could find out. They found the stuff you would expect about the big companies making everyday malt vinegar on a large industrial scale. But nothing at all about how to make the product on a more human scale.​

They looked to see if they could find anyone who made a craft malt vinegar. They found nobody at all!​

So, they started to experiment. And, over time, they found out that it could be done. Yes, it was a fiddle and a faff, but the resulting product was worth the trouble. By 2012 they had put together a process which produces a premium malt vinegar in batches of 700 litres at a time.​

Produced in our Old Nuclear Bunker, with metre-thick concrete walls, floors and ceilings – in just about the most temperate part of the country – it has very little temperature variation, perfect for storing live vinegar. Every drop is barrel-matured for several months before it is ready to go out into the world.


If you are interested in our vinegar, we have both direct-to-customer options as well as several wholesalers who can help those businesses looking to use our vinegar regularly.

For home customers, have a look at our listings on Amazon for speedy delivery, or browse to our own webstore.

For business customers, our distributors include:
Centaur Foods – 250ml bottles only
Plough to Plate – 250ml bottles and 5 litre jerrycans
Newquay Fruit Sales– 250ml bottles and 5 litre jerrycans.
Hanson Fine Foods – 250ml bottles and 5 litre jerrycans.