Since 2004 Lizard Ales has brewed Cornish real ales.

All craft-produced and bottle-conditioned in our Old Nuclear Bunker on the beautiful Lizard Peninsula – using only spring water, the finest English malt, and traditional whole hops.

In the years since Lizard Ales started to trade the brewery sector has changed almost beyond recognition. When we opened our doors we were one of only a handful of Cornish breweries – now there seem to be craft breweries wherever you look.

Our enthusiasm has always been for making bottle-conditioned ales. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, we decided several years ago to concentrate on that. So, if you’re looking for cask beer I’m afraid we won’t be able to help you – there are any number of other breweries who will, but not us.

And we don’t do direct or mail-order sales either – it’s too much hassle to send beer through the post. We supply our beers through ASDA stores in the south west, and to retailers either direct or through Plough to Plate.

We produce a core range of 4 beers. They are traditional English ales. The craft beer revolution has been a wonderful thing –who doesn’t enjoy the odd drop of something ridiculously strong and tasting of lychees or passion-fruit or some-such. But after a bit it wears you down – all the new-and-exciting-styles-and-flavours; all those beards!  There has to be a place for beer that tastes less like fruit-salad, and more like – well, like beer.

So we make old-fashioned, traditional beers. The sort of thing you can come home, crack open a bottle or two and drink, without having to go and lie down afterwards. Not too strong. Flavours? Predominant flavours are of malt and hops.

If you’re interested in the nuts-and-bolts, we brew with Maris Otter malt. We use mainly traditional English hops (East Kent Goldings and Challenger) but we also use a little bit of Styrian Goldings (from Slovenia) and Cascade (from the US).

All our beers are live, unfiltered and unpasteurised. We don’t use any finings – so all our beers are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It’s craft beer. That means they vary from batch to batch. Like real ale in the pub does. We think that’s part of the charm – but if you’re after something that’s always exactly the same, best look elsewhere.