The idea behind Tremayne Winery is a simple one. It is to make a wide variety of grape and other fruit wines – all made 100% from fruit which we have grown and/or picked.

The aim is for every bottle of wine we sell to have a story to it. The person who buys a bottle of our wine will be able to look at the label and see exactly what variety of fruit it was made from. Our customers will be able to access – for every single bottle – a record online of what the batch was made from, when it was bottled, and to have a look (if they’re interested) at pictures and videos showing the fruit growing, being picked, and being processed.

There is a lot of mystery associated with wine-making. We would like to strip that away and make our products and our processes as simple and as transparent as possible.

At the end of the day, it’s just fermented fruit juice.

We will use only our own fruit. We won’t use any concentrates. Of course, that limits our capacity – we’ll only be able to make as much as we can grow. But that’s ok.

So, if we only have enough Solaris grapes to make 500 bottles, that’s all we’ll make. If we have enough rhubarb to make 50 bottles, that’s what we’ll make.

We are set up to be able to produce small, individual batches. Each batch will be different – that’s the glory of artisanal production. There won’t be scientists in white coats analysing the fruit, adjusting and fiddling with the raw materials to make sure that every bottle is the same. It won’t be. If the sun has shone a bit more or a bit less, or the rain has fallen, or the wind has blown a bit more or a bit less, the fruit will reflect that – and we will let that natural variation come through into the wine.